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Bingley 09
Lee (Case/Aellath etc...) + cat
Geoff (Zeromoth/Friarmac) & Ellie (Naetha/misc others) with Ben (Gremlin/Gas Squig)
Kyle (Nyane & a SH that I can't remember the name of)
Sam (shik/Monkeyd) somehow managed to avoid the camera for the rest of the day
Daz (Spardie/Zalera/Zalerit) & Geoff (Zeromoth/Friarmac)
Joe (Nirawen) worried about breaking the baby
Patrick (Zulle) & Dunc (Mykael/Krystin/Lann)
Sleepy Finn
I'm not doing anything, Honest!
Joe, Moz, Sarah (half asleep), Zulle (hiding), Daz
Ellie proving that she has perfected the 'What is my husband doing now?' look
Private joke...
Moz prepares to pounce at the tail
Sarah smoking, suspicious Daz, unconcerned Ellie
No one seemed concerned about the tiger's tail growing from Sarah's head
heeeeeey baaabyy
You may be better than me at Guitar Hero Zulle, but Damn you I'm playing!
Joe's wish fulfilled...
30 seconds later...
Kyle - Rock pose
Dunc - Rock pose
A woman's work is never done 
Ben escapes Joe's clutches

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